Help the brands you care about become even better.

Spotwell is a platform for avid brand enthusiasts to communicate their ideas for new and improved products to the brands they love. The Spotwell community will support your idea if they like it, and, with enough support, we’ll make sure it reaches the right people behind the brand to make it happen. You get the credit, of course!

How it works

1. Create a spotition
2. Others support it
3. Brands hear your idea
4. You co-created a product!

Let them know!

Is it overdue for your local coffee shop to introduce a new drink? Did your favorite restaurant remove the best appetizer from its menu and you want it back? Then start a Spotition and let them know!

Do brands really listen?

You bet! Think of all the money, time, and effort they save thanks to Spotwell. Because you’re backed by your supporters, you have power. If the brands have a sense for marketing, they will listen! Check out our success stories here.

Our Story

We’re a startup in Raleigh, NC, and we believe the world of marketing is ready for an evolution: less advertising noise, more dialogue, more co-creation. Before founding Spotwell, we worked in marketing departments and agencies, and what we saw didn’t make any sense: brands spent millions of dollars to bombard people with disruptive advertising without knowing if the people even saw any value in the promoted products. And the brands’ biggest fans had great ideas for new and improved products but no way of sharing them. Thanks to Spotwell, both sides can now say hi to each other, share ideas, and co-create better products for a better world!

Let’s get in touch!

We’d love to hear from you: do you have any questions? What do you think about Spotwell? What can we do better? Let us know here. Thanks for your interest and support!

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